Anand Mahindra says he will give a job to those who have served in the army for 3 years

Anand Mahindra - Chairman of Mahindra Group
Anand Mahindra - Chairman of Mahindra Group

Chairman of the Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra welcomes the Tour of Duty System, which provides short-term service to youth in the Indian Army. He has been told that the young men who are serving in the Army as part of the Tour of Duty will be offered employment in Mahindra’s establishments thereafter.

The decision to temporarily make civilians part of the military is welcoming. This will create awareness among the youth about military and office work in the Army told by Mahindra. Anand Mahindra assures that those who have served with the army for three years as part of Tour of Duty will be made part of Mahindra. “Since the appointment is in keeping with all the criteria for joining the military, I think they will be disciplined for any job after the service” told by Anand Mahindra.

The army says the project will help to promote patriotism and nationalism among the youth. The army announced the Tour of Duty program last week and the army also claims that the citizens who complete the 3 year team after all training will be assets for Indian corporates.