Choppers to destroy submarines; The Indian Navy has signed an agreement with the US


Indian Navy to soon possess the best fighter combat war choppers. The Navy will buy 24 submarine defense choppers. The choppers were negotiated with US firm Lockheed Martin. This is a total deal worth Rs 6800 crore. The current choppers are part of a $19 billion arms deal agreed in April 2019. The MH-60R helicopter will be part of the Navy’s fleet to replace the existing Sea King of India. The Navy has purchased Sea King helicopters from the United Kingdom since 1971. Indian navy choppers are on the verge of threatening Pak-China submarines in the Indian Ocean.

There is yet to have an understanding of the choppers and the weapons that will be attached to it. America’s MH-60R is one of the world’s best choppers that can fit sensors, other communications equipment, missiles, torpedoes, and can aim targets with better accuracy.